About Roz
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I am a freelance broadcaster so you can join me on various stations including Galaxy 102.5 FM and Starr RadioUK were I make regular appearances with a current affairs programme. We'll look at life in 3D and tackle the tough topics. But we also have a giggle, sprinkled with good music, audience debate and some learning along the way.

Who Is Roz?

Still discovering me or should I say aspects of me. I'm legally trained and a public speaker. I'm a Talkshow host 'Tackling The Tough Topics' and blogger.
I'm a good music producer but alas I wanted to sing and dance but.....I can't sing.

Most likely to say?

'i'mussayin.com' and 'You'll get over it'


Passionate about people and the future...it's bright.
In love with history, committed to social justice, devoted to equality.
And mad about music, it's food for the soul.

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