About Roz
Who Is Roz?
Still discovering me or should I say aspects of me.
Legally trained.
Public Speaker.
A good music producer but alas I wanted to sing and dance but.....I can't sing.
Broadcaster and blogger.
Talkshow host Thursday's 12-3pm
"Tackling The Tough Topics" on Galaxy radio 102.5 FM
online www.galaxyafiwi.com

Most likely to say?
"I'mussayin.com" and "You'll get over it"

Passionate about people and the future...it's bright.
In love with history, committed to social justice, devoted to equality.
And mad about music, it's food for the soul.
Oracle The Talkshow Host
Usually when my colleagues and friends want to know something, they ask me. What they say is "ask the Oracle" and that is how my moniker first came about. My thirst for knowledge is rooted in the frustration of not knowing. I just have to know!!

Within weeks of joining Galaxy 102.5 FM the name reared its head again when following a debate, Dr. Abu gave me the honorific of Oracle, which is how listeners of Galaxy radio know me.

You can join me on Galaxy 102.5 FM every Thursday where we look at life in 3D and tackle the tough topics. It is important to have a good show and that means good conversation and a giggle, sprinkled with good music and some learning along the way.
Join me.

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